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Top Famous Skiing Destinations In North India

Famous Skiing Destinations In North India

India is blessed to have an uneven topography and due to these physical features of our country the people here are able to experience every type of landforms that exist on earth. We have a country which is bounded by an Ocean & two seas on three sides while the prominent side is guarded by the mighty Himalayan Range of Mountains.

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Numerous rivers flowing within the country and the Eastern & Western Ghat Mountains make the country full of places which are worth witnessing the human eye in one’s lifetime.

Here is a compilation of the most famous places where skiing takes place actively as the geographical structure allows the place to have such experiences because of the occurrence of snowfall at these places.

Jammu & Kashmir

A popular summer destination and the favorite honeymoon destination offers one of the best skiing experience in India particularly Gulmarg as it receives heavy snowfall in the winter season.

Jammu & Kashmir - Gulmarg skiing
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It is also a popular skiing resort in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. Gulmarg is also quoted to be the “Heart Of Winter Sports in India” as the steep snow laden hills attract many experienced skiing experts from all over the world.


The Himalayan ranges extend to the state boundaries of Uttarakhand and due to which there is another popular town, Auli, where skiing classes are conducted and skiing experience can be easily enjoyed.

uttarakhand skiing
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As the town is snow laden entirely in the months of November – January this is the perfect time to have a try at the skiing experience.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is probably the second most beautiful state only after Jammu & Kashmir, where the Himalayan Mountain ranges extend to and offer an exceptional natural landscape of the valleys and lofty hills.

Himachal Pradesh
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The snow covered hills in winter season draw most number of tourists to this place who love to have skiing experience on the steep hills of Kullu-Manali, Rohtang regions. Solang valley is famous for conducting skiing race competitions every year where adventure lovers actively participate to witness the action.

Well, this is something one needs to have a passion for feeling the experience. Adventure lovers may thoroughly enjoy the skiing experience but those who are not very fond of these experiences should definitely not miss seeing the exquisitely beautiful landscape which you might never get a chance to see again!

Life is really very unpredictable so whatever chance you get to relive the beauty around you, it is great and going to stay forever with you

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