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Best Rajasthani Sweets and Desserts That You Must Try!

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Rajasthani Sweets

Rajasthan is truly a land of colors and vibrancy. It is a pure delight for the tourists visiting the state. Rajasthan is not only famous for its Royal Palaces and Forts but also has some unique food and dishes to offer to other parts of the country. Rajasthan is known to be blessed with an extremely rich cuisine with lots of varieties of food items as per the food course.

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Today, I wanted to share the sweet delicacies of Rajasthan which are much liked by people all over the country. There is extensive use of desi ghee in Rajasthani desserts as an important ingredient. Let’s quickly have a look at them!


Kalakand is a famous sweet relish prepared here which people find extremely delightful in every part of the country. It is basically prepared by solidifying sweetened milk & cottage cheese. It is very tasty and serves as an amazing sweet dish for important occasions.

Rajasthani Sweets Kalakand
Rajasthani Sweets Kalakand

Moong Dal Halwa

Mainly a sweet dish for the winters as the ingredient moong dal keeps the body warm which is needed in winters. This is prepared by yellow lentils which is sweetened with sugar & milk. There is an extensive use of dry fruits in this halwa. It is basically a calorific dish so weight watchers need to look out their portions of what they are eating.

Rajasthani Sweets Moong Dal Halwa


This is the traditional sweet dish of Rajasthan and uses wheat flour & sugar for making it. It is not an easy to make dish and requires making small round cakes which are filled with sugar syrup. There are many variations in making ghewar and they are generally prepared during festivals & fairs or any other auspicious occasion in Rajasthan.

Ghewar Rajasthani Sweets
Ghewar Rajasthani Sweets


This is basically milk which has been continuously stirred to make it thick in consistency. It is sweetened and dry fruits are used abundantly used in this dish. It is often combined with one or two sweet dishes and offered in the food menu.

Rajasthani Rabdi

Well, I hope you must have tried all of these sweet dishes at some point in your life and agree with the fact that Rajasthani people have a different & unique taste which is very well reflected in the food items prepared by them.

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