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Must-try Best Foods From Lucknow, the City of Nawabs

Best Foods From Lucknow

In my quest to explore a place in the monsoons I made a quick trip to the City of Nawabs i.e. Lucknow as it is popularly known to be. It was a splendid visit for me as I got to enjoy the rains in awesome weather, saw some great monuments and above all gave a grand treat to my taste buds with some popular cuisines of Lucknow.

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Well, let me elaborate about what all I had and yes I had a food riot there!

Tunday Kabab

This is heaven for all the Kebab lovers out there as you can get a wide variety of Kebabs to feast upon and that have a history of several decades (read a century!) to be one of the best Kebabs.

Tunday Kabab
Image Source:

There are so many types of kebab varieties like Galawati Kebab, Seekh Kebabs, Kakori kebabs, shami kebabs, Boti kebabs, Patili-Ke-kebabs & Ghutwa kebabs.

Seekh kebab delicacy
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I am not a fan of kebabs and there are very less instances when I have tried kebabs at my travel places but everyone in my family was all praises for these kebabs and I have also heard lots of praises from my foodie friends too!

galouti kebabs
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These kebabs are available in the Aminabad area of Lucknow and there is no place to keep your foot in the evening time at Tunde Kebabs.


These are exquisite dishes of the Awadhi cuisine and part and parcel of Lucknow’s famous dishes. This dish is basically a gravy preparation along with meat and whole spices which are often put in a cotton piece of cloth and tied and cooked along with the dish.

chicken korma in lucknow
Chicken Korma in Lucknow | Image Source:
mutton korma in lucknow
Mutton Korma in Lucknow | Image Source:
chicken curry in lucknow
Chicken Curry, Lucknow | Image Source:

The rich aroma of the spices enhance the taste of the dish to a great level. Non-vegetarian dish lovers long for these types of dishes. One may enjoy Chicken Korma & Mutton Korma as per their choice of non-vegetarian food.


Biryani, as we all know is a great dish of the Mughal Cuisine. Lucknow has few places in Hazratganj & Aminabad area where one can get different types of Biryani varieties to treat upon.

lakhnavi chicken biryani
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dum biryani
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There is a group of stalls near the Hotel Gemini Continental which is known for Biryani & Korma preparations.


This is a new dish I got to taste in my trip but unfortunately, I couldn’t click the pics as it was a food stall on the street side and there was a lot of rush so in a hurry, I just managed to finish my plate and didn’t click it.

Image Source:

This is more of a snack food item made of minced chicken pieces along with onions, and other veggies which are made spicy enough to bring tears to your eyes. The mixture is rolled in pita bread or parantha as per the availability.

I had it on two consecutive days, once with pita bread and another time with paratha1 I must admit I liked this snack to the core and would surely recommend try it once you are in Lucknow!

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