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Best Desserts & Sweets Available In Delhi

Best Desserts & Sweets Available In Delhi

Well, Desserts & sweets are loved by many only those who are more inclined towards remaining fit and healthy are not very fond of sweets as they are highly calorific. But some people are really fond of sweets and cannot resist the sight of desserts.

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Here, in this post, I am including all those desserts which are favorite of the season and reach out to satisfy the sweet cravings of many people in Delhi.

Rabri Faluda

Rabri Faluda is the cult favorite dessert for Delhiites in the summer months as it relieves them from the scorching summers and also gives a heavenly tasteful experience to their taste buds. Chandi Chowk in Delhi is probably the best place for foodies, like me to have the delightful sight and taste of drool-worthy sweets & desserts.

Rabri Faluda Delhi
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Rabdi Faluda is a special treat for the local people here. People having a sweet tooth are sure to enjoy the delicious desserts served here.


Jalebi is a more or less routine affair for Delhiites and despite the fact that it taste best when served hot with fresh yoghurt or rabri people don’t miss a chance to have it even during the summer season after dinner.

delhi famous Jalebi
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The crisp and sugary deep-fried pretzels are soaked in sugar syrup and served with yogurt of fresh Rabri. Believe me, they taste awesome. One can have the Jalebi alone without the yogurt & Rabri

Kesar Pista Kulfi

These are easy and less calorific desserts available along with many food stalls in Delhi. Summers are the best season to enjoy this particular dessert. It is basically a frozen dessert made from flavored milk which includes dry fruits like saffron & Pistachios.

Kesar Pista Kulfi Delhi
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These desserts are kept in deep refrigeration and served chilled just before consumption. One may spot Kulfi stalls in abundance in summers all around the streets of Delhi.

Badam Barfi

This is a more elaborate affair of preparing the sweets made from almonds. Roaming in Chandni Chowk area one may spot so many shops which serve Badam (almond) Burfi. There are some shops in this area which prepare these sweets in pure Desi ghee which adds to the heavenly taste of these sweets.

Badam Barfi Delhi
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Weight watchers definitely need to control their intake as it is packed with lots of sugar which is probably the highest calorific constituent in these sweets.

Hope, you all liked these dessert suggestions.

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