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7 Spicy Indian Pickles You Need to Try!

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Spicy Indian Pickles

Pickles are one of the most important elements in Indian delicacies. It adds extra flavour to the boring meals of everyday life and Indians use this as their go-to item with any type of food. There are different types of pickles available in the market. Sometimes people make them at home as well.

Here we have given some delicious pickle items which will blow your mind.

1. Mango Pickle

Mango is known as the king of all the fruits in India. The pickle made with ripe mango or raw mango is a traditional condiment in India. It is made with mango, oil and some hot spices. Generally, pickles are eaten with roti or rice. To make a delicious pickle, you need to go through certain steps. At first, you have to grind all the spices together after roasting them for a few minutes.

Mango Pickle
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Then you need to cut the mangoes into small pieces and mix them with spices and warm oil. After that, you just need to keep them covered for a day so that the mangoes can release the juice to make the pickle juicy. Finally, your mango pickle is ready to keep in the refrigerator and eat regularly for a long time.

2. Prawn Pickle

Yes, you can make pickles from prawn also. It is one of the most popular non-vegetarian pickle items of South India. The people from Kerala use this a lot in their meals. At first, you need to clean the prawns and peel them properly. After that, you have to de-vain those small creatures and add all types of spices you want to use with it.

Prawn Pickle
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Then the mixture should be kept for around 30 minutes. After that, you have to take some oil in the frying pan and fry the whole mixture for 5 minutes. The major portion of this item is the ginger and garlic paste. You have to grind them coarsely and sauté in the medium flame. At last, you need to add the prawns with all the ingredients you have prepared and simmer for around 5 minutes. Your prawn pickle is ready.

3. Tamarind Pickle

If you want some pickle to help in your digestive system then tamarind pickle can be the perfect solution for you. To make tamarind pickle you need some tamarind itself and some jaggery for a little bit of sweet taste. At first, you have to soak both of them and then squeeze all the liquid out of it. You need to discard the fibres present in the remaining jaggery and tamarind.

Tamarind Pickle
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After that, you have to roast some chilies, cumin and fenugreek in some oil and then powder them with a mixer. You can add some garlic and also curry leaves before adding the jaggery and tamarind concentration along with all the spices. You need to boil the whole mixture for a few minutes and when you will see a glossy layer about the mixture, you need to switch it off. Now your tamarind pickle is ready to store in the refrigerator.

4. Chilli Pickle

Do you want some hot pickle with your favourite dish? Then chilli pickle is the best thing you can have. Generally, medium hotness is required for the green chillies which are used to make the pickle. You need to add some turmeric, mustard seeds and lemon juice to the pickle to make it less hot. At first, you have to rinse the green chillies and remove the moisture present in them. After that, you need to chop them into small pieces.

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On the other side, you need to prepare some powdered mustard seeds and add them into green chillies along with some salt. After mixing it well you need to keep them for at least 3 days in the sunlight. After 3 days you can add turmeric powder as well as lemon juice to the green chilli pickle so that the taste can be enhanced. Then again you need to keep it for around 2 days. Lastly, you have to add some mustard oil to serve it with rice or roti.

5. Bamboo Pickle

Yes, you heard it right. There is a delicious thing called bamboo pickle in the Indian delicacies which will steal your heart. You will need a very tender bamboo shoot to make the perfect bamboo pickle at your home. At first, you have to remove the outside layer of the shoots and cut them into small pieces as per your requirement. Then you have to soak them in the water for a day and the next day you have to add some more freshwater along with some salt and cook it.

Bamboo Pickle
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You have to continue cooking it till it gets tender and again you need to drain the water from it. Now you have to prepare the masala by soaking all the spices into some vinegar and add garlic and ginger paste into that. Lastly, you have to stir fry curry leaves and the spices in the oil and finally add all the bamboo shoots and sort it for around 5 minutes. Your bamboo pickle is ready to serve.

6. Fruit Pickle

One of the most common types of pickle is to make simple fruit pickle. For this, you will need the fruits of your choice and also the spices as per your convenience. You can use different types of fruits to have unique flavours.

Fruit Pickle
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If you want your pickle to be hot then you have to add a lot of chilli powder. But if you want it to be a bit tangy then you need to add black salt to your pickle. So the choice is completely yours that how you want your fruit pickle to taste.

7. Brinjal Pickle

Brinjal pickle is another awesome pickle item made with a very common vegetable, brinjal. In this case, you have to squeeze out all the moisture from the brinjal and make it completely dry so that the spices can cling to it well with oil. It is a kind of pickle which you can have with your rice or roti both. And also it is quite healthy.

Brinjal Pickle
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So these were some pickle recipes you must try out if you want something spicy to have with your meal. Because in India a pinch of pickle can change the complete taste of food.

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