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5 Delicious Monsoon Dishes to Eat in the Rainy Season

Delicious Monsoon Dishes

Hey Everyone!

I really missed posting about any food all this while so just have this quick post on my monsoon favorites this year and what I attempted to make! Have a look! ๐Ÿ™‚

Posta Paneer

Paneer is my favorite main course dish and I can have Indian cheese/ Paneer in any form or any ingredient. So during this monsoons when it was a little chilly outside due to heavy rains, I prepared this dish. The main ingredient in this dish is poppy seeds which are known to keep the body warm and are mostly served during winters.

Monsoon Dishes Paneer Posta
Image Source: Youtube

Well, I would have not attempted to prepare it unless the weather was comparatively cold as it is surely not a summer dish! The dish prepares in a flat one-hour time including every possible chore while preparing it.

Stuffed Potato Cutlets

These are maters of a few minutes as boiled potato dumplings/cutlets hardly take much time to prepare. These are sprinkled with semolina on the outer crust which makes it really crispy and tastes great!

Stuffed Potato Cutlets - Taste of Mine
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This is a perfect evening snack for a rainy evening with your favorite cardamom or ginger tea!

Spinach Kachori

This is really perfect for those guilt free rainy mornings when you would have this spinach stuffed kachori which uses wheat flour as base without any proportion of refined flour or oil for crisp!

Spinach Kachori
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I prefer these over potato stuffed ones as spinach is really healthy for us and let it enter in the body in a yummy way.

Fish Fry

A perfect treat for non-vegetarians during monsoons. As fish is also known to keep the body warm and is not preferable to be eaten during summers.

Fish Fry - Taste of Mine
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Fish contains lots of proteins & vitamins and these fries taste even better with the showers hitting the window panes!

Cauliflower Dumplings

Another great snack for the monsoon season is surely the cauliflower dumplings which leaves the taste glands unsatisfied even after having these yummy dumplings in a good count.

Being vegetables these are really good for health and let you cheat once in a while during the blissful monsoon months!

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